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Marina Gerner’s debut book coming out this September.




A deeply researched journalistic investigation, it shines a spotlight on the fantastic potential of femtech (female technology) to transform women’s lives, if it’s done well.​It’s published by Sourcebooks in the US and Canada, Icon Books in the UK and Redline in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The book has received prestigious grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and The Society of Authors.​

As a journalist, she has written about books and arts, as well as finance and tech for over a decade. Her range of expertise has led to Marina being called “a Renaissance woman of the modern age.”​Marina has won several awards and written for The Economist, Jewish Chronicle, Guardian, Financial Times, Wired, the Times Literary Supplement, The Times, and the Wall Street Journal. She has been a guest speaker on the BBC World Service, and a contributing editor at Raconteur, the i newspaper and MoneyWeek.

Before that she was a Staff Writer at Money Observer, where she wrote a column called “Marina’s Imaginary Millions.”​ She is an Adjunct Professor of Commerce & Culture at the NYU Stern School of Business (on their London campus) and she has a PhD from the London School of Economics, which was funded by merit-based scholarships.​


She was born in Kyiv during the Soviet Union. When Marina was a toddler, her brave single mother moved them to the West as political refugees. She grew up in Frankfurt, has briefly lived in New York and has mainly lived in London, where she can be found drinking cappuccinos with friends and taking her baby to bars.

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